1. NEWS BOOK 2010.04.28

    Magazines Appearance Information - April 2010

    4/28「Shukan Shincho」 4/27「Best Stage」 4/27「Numero」 4/27「Jyosei Jishin」 4/27「B-PASS」June issue 4/27「MUSIQ~ SPECIAL OUT of MUSIC 8」(Cover) 4/27「ARENA...

  2. NEWS BOOK 2009.12.06

    Magazines Appearence Information - January

    1/13「Pick-up Voice」 1/10「Voice Actor Grand Prix」 1/9「PATI-PATI」 1/9「ARENA37℃」

  3. NEWS BOOK 2009.12.06

    Magazines Appearence Information - December

    12/29「FOOL'S MATE」 12/26「ARENA37℃ SPECIAL vol.65」Cover 12/26「B-PASS」 12/24(木)「OUT OF MUSIC」 12/10「The Television HOMME」 12/9「ARENA37℃ January Issue...

  4. NEWS BOOK 2009.11.28

    Magazines Appearence Information - November

    11/27(Fri)「ARENA37℃ SPECIAL vol.64」(Cover) 11/27(Fri)「B-PASS」 11/24(Thu)「Monthly The Television」 11/20(Fri)「Otonafami2010 January」 11/10(The)「AREAN...

  5. NEWS BOOK 2009.11.11

    GACKT 10th Anniversary Book to Hit Market!!

    It features GACKT collection of 100 sayings & very rare gravure pictures shot on location and special programs!! This official book commemorates t...

  6. NEWS BOOK 2009.10.22

    Magazines Appearance Information - Octorber

    10/30(Fri)「MUSIQ~ SPECIALOUT of MUSIC 6」 10/28(Wed)「ARENA37℃ Special Number ARENA37℃ SPECIAL REMIX」 10/27(The)「B-PASS」

  7. NEWS BOOK 2009.10.14

    VISUALIVE 2009 DOCUMENTARY BOOK will be on sale!

    VISUALIVE 2009 DOCUMENTARY BOOK GACKT REQUIEM ET REMINISCENCE ・ sold by subscription in Dears Store will go on sale at Fukuya Books and Lawson. ◆ ...

  8. NEWS BOOK 2009.08.21

    Newspapers Appearance Information - August

    8/23(Sun.) Sankei Shimbun Morning paper 8/13(Thu.) Yomiuri Shimbun Evening paper

  9. NEWS BOOK 2009.08.11

    Magazines Appearance Information-August

    8/29「FOOL'S MATE」 8/29「MUSIQ?」 8/25「HobbyJAPAN」 8/22「FYTTE」 8/10「AERA」(Asahi Simbun Company) 8/10「ARENA37℃」(Ongaku Senkasha) 8/10「特撮NEWTYPE」(Kadoka...

  10. NEWS BOOK 2009.07.29

    Magazines Appearance Information-July

    7/28「ROCK STAR」(Ongaku Senkasha) 7/27「B-PASS」(SHINKO MUSIC) 7/27「Cool-up」(Ongaku Senkasha) 7/10「ARENA37℃」(Ongaku Senkasha) 7/4「FOOL'S MATE I.S.」(FO...