1. NEWS BOOK 2014.02.18

    Information of Magazine Publication, February 2014

    ◆February 19 (Wed) 「OUT of MUSIC 30 」

  2. NEWS BOOK 2014.01.15

    Information of Magazine Publication, January 2014

    ◆January 14 (Tue) 「CD&DL Data」 ◆January 15 (Wed) 「Gekkan Songs」 ◆January 31 (Fri) 「FOOL'S MATEff」 Main contents: Total of 10 pairs of posters encl...

  3. NEWS BOOK 2014.01.08

    Information of Magazine Publication, December 2013

    ◆December 13 (Fri)「Snow Boarder」 ◆December 27 (Fri) 「B-PASS」 ◆December 27 (Fri) 「FREERUN January/2014」

  4. NEWS BOOK 2013.11.05

    Information of Magazine Publication, November 2013

    ◆TV Guide MOOK “HERO VISION VOL. 50” is scheduled to be out on Thursday, November 21. In “HERO VISION VOL. 50”, GACKT had a conversation with Shusu...

  5. NEWS BOOK 2013.11.01

    Information of Magazine Publication, October 2013

    GACKT was introduced in Japanese pop culture magazine "ANIMONSTAR" of Indonesia! Name of Magazine: ANIMONSTAR VOL.176, November edition Date of I...

  6. NEWS BOOK 2011.01.12

    Magazine Appearance Information - January 2011

    1/28(Fri) 「With」 March issue.

  7. NEWS BOOK 2010.11.18

    Magazine Appearance Information - December 2010

    12/1(Wed) 「FOOL'S MATE」 January issue. (Vol.351)

  8. NEWS BOOK 2010.11.04

    Magazine Appearance Information - November 2010

    11/28(Sun) 「MISS」 January issue. 11/22(Mon)「JUNON」 January issue 11/20(Sat) 「Beautiful Kimono」December Winter Issue.        (by Achette Woman Picto...

  9. NEWS BOOK 2010.10.04

    Newspaper Publishing Information - October, 2010

    October 9th Scheduled "Yomiuri Newspaper Osaka Headquarter Edition Afternoon Newspaper" Distribution Area will be Kinki 4 Prefecture's main part.

  10. NEWS BOOK 2010.09.17

    Magazines Appearence Information - October

    October 10th 「ARENA37℃」 ※YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz's first tour final day. “煌☆雄兎狐塾~男女混欲美濡戯祭~”'s Live report.