1. NEWS BOOK 2009.06.21

    Magazines Appearance Information - Jun.

    6/29「ARENA37℃ SPECIAL」 6/27「B-PASS」 6/26「Out of Music」 6/10「ARENA37℃」 Issue of July 10P 6/9「ROCK STAR vol.2」30P 6/9「女性自身」(Koubunsha)

  2. NEWS BOOK 2009.06.01

    Magazines Appearance Information-May

    5/30「M Graphic」 Gakken Co., Ltd. 5/29「FOOL'S MATE」 5/27「TVstation」talk series 5/24「Monthly TV fan」Kyodo News Service 5/23 anan Special Issue「MR.BRA...

  3. NEWS BOOK 2009.05.14

    Article about “Koakuma Heaven” Published in Sport Paper!!

    The article about “Koakuma Heaven” was published in Sports Houch and Daily Sports . Please try to check them!

  4. NEWS BOOK 2009.04.28

    Magazine Appearance Information-Apr.

    4/22「Hard Rock Magazine n-23」 ※It is on sale at the bookstores in France. Please be aware that it is not released in Japan

  5. NEWS BOOK 2009.03.31

    Magazines Appearance Information-Mar.

    3/31 「Shukan Asahi」 Enlarged issue(Asahi Shimbun Publications) 3/28 「ARENA37℃ SPECIAL vol.56(May issue)」 Back cover special issue 3/27 「ROCK STAR ...

  6. NEWS BOOK 2009.03.23

    Newspaper Appearance Infomation

    3/24 「Suponichi (Hokkaido version)」

  7. NEWS BOOK 2009.03.09

    Free paper Information

    The issue of Lawson Ticket with GACKT on the cover is distributed at convenience stores Lawson on Apr.1

  8. NEWS BOOK 2009.02.27

    Magazine Appearance Information - Feb.

    2/28「ARENA37℃ SPECIAL」(ONGAKUSENKASHA) 2/26「MUSIQ~ SPECIAL Out Of Music vol.2」 2/24「Gekkan TV navi」(THE SANKEI SHINBUN) 2/23「N/S EYES ON Volume01」(...

  9. NEWS BOOK 2009.01.21

    Magazine Appearance Information - Jan.

    1/20「DROPS 2009年2月号」(Shinseido Free Paper) 1/10「ARENA37℃」 1/6「Jyosei Jishin」 RR tours are reported with the following magazines. 2/10「ARENA 37℃」 ...

  10. NEWS BOOK 2009.01.15

    「Josei-Jisin」GACKT's talk is uploaded on the web!

    Please visit the following web site. http://www.jisin-blog2.jp/yokosama/diary/index.html