• Date of Birth 4 July
  • Blood Type A



GACKT went solo after leaving a band in 1999. He has since released 48 singles and 19 albums up to now. As a male solo artist in Japan, GACKT has topped charts, earning the most top 10 hits in Japan. 

He is fluent in English, Chinese, Korean and French, as well as an expert in Japanese swordsmanship, taekwondo, karate, acrobatics, snowboarding, horseback riding and loves driving his favorite cars. 

He considers his life's mission to support and encourage people, thus engaging in many philanthropic activities, such as surprise concerts at graduation ceremonies. 

“Tonde Saitama (Fly Me to the Saitama)”, a blockbuster movie starring GACKT and Fumi Nikaido, released on February 22nd 2019, has become an unprecedented huge hit with attendees surpassing 2.9 million people and earning 3.7 billion yen at the box office. The sequel is already in the works. 

On July 1st, 2019, GACKT became the executive organizer of Japan Grown Diamond Association. 

GACKT performed Japanese national anthem at Mayweather’s RIZIN14. match and appeared on Celebrity Rating Check on New Year's Day of 2019. Both appearances earned him top (No.1) viewer ratings. Furthermore, it was reported that these TV programs have also received the highest viewer ratings in their broadcast history, further affirming GACKT as one of the greatest influencers in the Japanese entertainment industry.

GACKT has an incredible number of fans in Europe, Asia, and the United States as he relentlessly continues his activities all around the world. 

GACKT is a truly versatile artist that transcends all existing standards. This year marks his 20th solo debut anniversary. 

- Registered LINE OFFICIAL Memberships : over 1,670,000 
- Instagram Followers : over 1,000,000 
- Twitter Followers : over 870,000 
- Facebook Page Likes : over 450,000 
- Weibo(China) Followers : over 410,000

GACKT's popularity in Japan from teenagers to 60s : 97%


GACKT's lifetime's work, "MOON SAGA".

"MOON SAGA" is the original story dating back nearly 1500 years, often referred to as "the origin of a vampire in Japan", created and brought to life by GACKT through unique approach of implementing the combination of music, visuals and performance.

Dubbed "VISUALIVE", this show encompasses the three important factors - "VISUAL", "ALIVE" and "LIVE", expressing the original story, live, in conjugation with the unique vision, performance and music. 150,000 people in attendance on average (sometimes 210,000) have already experienced the unique world view of GACKT's boundless creativity, represented in this unprecedented powerful live performance.

 VISUALIVE was also as a starting point, triggering further projects such as a Hollywood movie "BUNRAKU", NHK drama "Furin Kazan" and more.


22 March, 2017, 48th single “Tsumi no Keishou ~ORIGINAL SIN~”


“MOON CHILD” (Shochiku 2003) - as Sho

“Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker” (Toei 2009)- as Joji Yuki

Hollywood Movie “BUNRAKU” (US release 9/2011, Shochiku 1/2012) - as YOSHI

“Tempest 3D” (Kadokawa Pictures 2012) - as Jo Teigai

“Akumu Chan the Movie” (Toho 2014) – as Takahashi Shiki,  Yume Ōji

”KARANUKAN”(To be released in 2017) – as Oyama Hikaru

“Tonde Saitama (Fly Me to the Saitama)”(Feb. 22th. 2019) - as Rei Asami


“Nemuri Kyoshiro: Record of an Outlaw” ( May 2010 – February 2011; Total of 120 shows) - as Nemuri Kyoshiro

“MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden-“ (July – October 2012; Total of 6 shows) - as Yoshitsune

“MOON SAGA-Yoshitsune Hiden Chapter 2-“ (August – October 2014; Total of 40 shows) – as Yoshitsune

“MOON SAGA Yoshitsune Nekketsu Gakuen Monogatari Chapter 2” (January 8th 2015)


“Furin Kazan” (NHK Taiga Drama 2007) - as Uesugi Kenshin

“MR.BRAIN” (TBS May 23rd – 30th 2009) - as Takegami Teijiro

“Tempest” (NHK BS Premium July 2011) - as Jo Teigai

“Akumu Chan” (Nihon TV October 2012) - as Takahashi Shiki,  Yume Ōji

“Bima Satria Garuda” (Indonesia RCTI November 17th 2013) - as Regend Bima

“Renai ha Hitsuzen de Aru” (Bee TV January 2014) - as Storyteller

“Time Spiral” (NHK Premium September 2014) - as Tatsumi Shuuya

【RADIO (Recurring Appearance)】

“GACKT’s Rajio ougon jidai Kuwareta youkan to kajirarera mikan” (April - September 1999 JFN)

“GACKT’s” (April 2002 - March 2003 Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.)

“GACKT’s FURACHI Men” (April 2003 – March 2005 Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.)


OVA”New Fist of the North Star” (2003) - as SEIJI

PSP Game “Bujingai” (TAITO 2003) –as Lau Wong

PSS Game ”CRISIS CORE - FINAL FANTASY-“ (SQEX 2007) – as G(Genesis)


Online Action RPG “Dragon Nest” (NHN Japan June 2010) - as Velskud

Movie "Arthur and the Invisibles"(Shochiku 2007 Japanese Dubbed Version)- as Maltazard

Movie "Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" (Shochiku 2010 Japanese Dubbed Version) - as Maltazard

Movie "Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker" (February 2012) - as Knight Commander

Anime "Tono to Issho"(OVA Yomiuri TV 2010)- as Uesugi Kenshin

Anime "Shiki"(FujiTV July 2010)- as Kirishiki Seishiro

Anime "Sket Dance"(TV Tokyo April 2011)- as Dante

Online Action RPG "Dragon Nest" (NHN Japan August 2014)- as Velskud

Smartphone Game "3594e -Sangokushieika-" (SQEX October 2014) - as Lü Bu

Online Action RPG "Dragon Nest" (NHN Japan July 2015) -as Velskud

Smartphone Game "Sengokushura SOUL" (December 2015) - as Uesugi Kenshin

Online Action RPG "Dragon Nest" (NHN Japan August 2016) - as Velskud

Smartphone Game "Gyakuten Othellonia" (DeNA August 2016) - as Maten Ruedo

Anime "TRICKSTER -Edogawa Ranpo Shounen Tanteidan Yori-" (October 2016) - as Kaijin nijyuu mensou

Movie “Kong:Skull Island” (Warner Bros March 2017) - as James Conrad


 "GACKTIONARY" (released on December 18th, 2009) by Kadokawa Marketing. 

"GACKT’s Way to Win", (released on August 9, 2019) by NORTH VILLAGE, is his 10th anniversary official book featuring GACKT’s words of wisdom as well as visual archives. GACKT's newest business book has become a best-seller and is continuously being reprinted.


“GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigo no Tsuki -LAST MOON- supported by Nestle” (March 19th through July 3rd, 2016) included 30 shows at 42 locations nationwide with total number of attendees approximating 120,000 people. 

"GACKT 20th ANNIVERSARY -46th Birthday Concert-" (July 4th, 2019) was held at Pacifico Yokohama. 

"GACKT 20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE TOUR 2020 KHAOS" (January 11th through February 2020) will include 20 shows at 8 locations nationwide, with total number of attendees approximating 60,000 people.


Alpine KissMark, Symantec, Asahi Soft Drinks, Kirin Beverage, UHA Mikakuto, Fujifilm, FT Shiseido, DWANGO, TAITO, KONAMI, Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic, Tateyama Brewery, Pokka Coffee, Daihatsu, Orient Corporation, Hokuto, FLEG International, Fuji Industry, KYORAKU, TSUTAYA DISCAS, Nico Nico Douga, Buena Vista Japan, Bee TV (narration), Square Enix, SHARP, Sports Promotion Lottery "BIG", IDEA, AGA skin clinic, Nestle Japan, Sumifru Japan, PUBG MOBILE, Kirin Brewery Company, VARTIX.


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  1. 2018.10.01

    start of the 94th Camui:male_sign:Gakuen de Otachina Sai

  2. 2018.07.04

    GACKT’s -45th Birthday Concert- LAST SONGS

  3. 2018.04.01

    AGA Skin Clinic CM appearance

  4. 2018.03.26

    Sumifru Banana「Gold Premium Kanjukuoh」CM appearance

  5. 2018.03.05

    LIVE Graduation Ceremony at Japan Women’s College of Physical Education University Nikaido High School

  6. 2018.01.01

    Asahi Broadcasting "Celebrity Rating Check 2018" individual winning streak extended to 55


  1. 2017.10.22

    presenter at the JRA Awards

  2. 2017.09.27

    dazzy press conference attendance

  3. 2017.07.04


  4. 2017.06.22

    App Game「Fight League」event attendance

  5. 2017.06.09

    start of THE BA・LUE HEARTS Gakuensei Seishun Rock ~Hiraku dake ja monotarinai no yo~

  6. 2017.06.06

    The 93rd Camui♂Gakuen de Hirakina-Sai Start, 4 Cities 8 Shows

  7. 2017.04.23

    The main cast of "Karanukan" will be at the red carpet of the Okinawa International Movie Festival

  8. 2017.04.07

    Collaboration between the YOSHIKI channel and the OH!!MY!!GACKT channel

  9. 2017.04.05

    Participated in Bakuon and performance hype events for Kong: Skull Island

  10. 2017.04.04

    Protein HMB event

  11. 2017.03.25

    Revealed: The role of Conrad in the Japanese dubbed version of "Kong: Skull Island"

  12. 2017.03.22

    Release of 48th Single "Tsumi No Keijou-ORIGINAL SIN-”

  13. 2017.03.18

    Thanks to an offer from the president of the PTA at Mishima Municipal Nakazatonishi Junior High School, a live show will be put on at the graduation ceremony for the 11th time in 11 years.

  14. 2017.03.15

    Kong: Skull Island, Japan Premier

  15. 2017.03.14

    Surprise appearance at "GACKT JAPAN TOUR LASTVISUALIVE -LAST MOON-" suprise concert

  16. 2017.01.01

    Asahi Broadcasting "Celebrity Rating Check 2017" individual winning streak extended to 48


  1. 2016.12.23

    Restricted to men without girlfriends "Only men without girlfriends Live & Talk Xmas Premium Event" talk show and passionate performance

  2. 2016.11.23

    Release of 47th Single "kimi dake no boku de iru kara" Opening Theme of "TRICKSTER" from Edogawa Ranpo's "The Boy Detectives Club"

  3. 2016.10.03

    Anime “TRICKSTER” (from Edogawa Ranpo's "Boy Detectives") The Fiend with Twenty Faces

  4. 2016.09.17

    Kishidan Expo 2016 - GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen live in concert

  5. 2016.07.10

    Surprise appearance at the Tokyo performance for "Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2016 (A) ~Made In Japan~"

  6. 2016.07.04

    GACKT's 43rd birthday party was held.

  7. 2016.05.26

    Attended a premium event at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills for the film "Deadpool."

  8. 2016.04.27

    19th Album "LAST MOON" Release

  9. 2016.04.19

    To commemorate the release of the "Nescafe Gold Blend Barista GACKT Model," the guerilla concert "GACKT SPECIAL LIVE supported by 'NESCAFE'" was held in Shinjuku Station Square.

  10. 2016.03.19

    "GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE -LAST MOON-supported by Nestlé" 30 venues 42 performances, large-scale tour mobilized by 120,000 total

  11. 2016.03.05

    At the Chiba Keizai University affiliated high school, PTA chairman's passionate live graduation ceremony performance offer enthusiastic rendition of "Like a Wildflower"

  12. 2016.01.01

    Individual winning streak extended to 42 on Asahi Broadcasting "Celebrity Rating Check 2016"


  1. 2015.10.28

    Camui♂Gakuen Dashitekudasai, the 6th Camui♂Gakuen event themed on school festival in which GACKT serves as the chairman of the school committee, was held in five cities.

  2. 2015.10.25

    Camui♂Gakuen participated in the "Nico Nico Music Party 2015 in Saitama Super Arena" held in Saitama Super Arena.

  3. 2015.10.23

    Camui♂Gakuen participated in "VAMPS HALLOWEEN PARTY 2015" held in Makuhari Messe!

  4. 2015.10.07

    Released 46th single "ARROW"!

  5. 2015.09.19

    Camui♂Gakuen participated in "Kishidan Banpaku" held at the Sodegaura Keihin Koen Park in Chiba.

  6. 2015.08.23

    Participated in procession and Kawanakajima Battle as Uesugi Kenshin during the 90th Kenshin Festival.

  7. 2015.07.03

    To commemorate the release of "GACKTRACKS -ULTRA DJ ReMIX-" on July 1, held an unprecedented star-studded club event with GACKT and the Remixers of his hit songs.

  8. 2015.07.01


  9. 2015.03.14

    Held the "91st Camui♂Gakuen de Setsujo Taikusai (Snow Sports Festival) " at Naeba in Niigata.

  10. 2015.01.08

    Held the MOON SAGA Extra Chapter "Yoshitsune Nekketsu Gakuen Monogatari -Chapter Two- at the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall.


  1. 2014.12.26

    GACKT and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performed their second collaboration concert "A Splendid Evening of Music" at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall in Tokyo.

  2. 2014.11.29

    Camui♂Gakuen de Matomenasai, the 5th Camui♂Gakuen event themed on school festival in which GACKT plays the role of school committee chairman, was held in four cities.

  3. 2014.10.01

    Released 45th single Akatsukizukuyo-DAY BREAKERS.

  4. 2014.09.02

    GStart of TV drama “Time Spiral” on BS Premium channel in which GACKT appeared on a regular basis.(Aired every Tuesday from September 2, 23:15, total 11 episodes)

  5. 2014.08.24

    GACKT participated in the 89th Kenshin Festival held in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, as Uesugi Kenshin in the procession and Kawanakajima Battle reproduction.

  6. 2014.08.08

    MOON SAGA "Secrets of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2" GACKT wrote the original script and screenplay, directed, and played the main character. Performed in 7 different cities, for a total of 40 stages.

  7. 2014.05.21

    Released DVD, "PLATINUM BOX XIV" featuring GACKT x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra "Karei Naru Classic no Yuube ".

  8. 2014.05.03

    Opening day of new film, "Akumu Chan The Movie" adapted from TV series, "Akumu chan ", which started in 2012. GACKT plays the role of Takashi Shiki. He appeared on stage greeting the audience on the opening day of the movie.

  9. 2014.04.23

    Released " 90th Camui ♂ Gakuen de Semenasai Perverted School Festival! Oh No, Just Trouble!!"

  10. 2014.03.31

    Press conference of MOON SAGA "Secrets of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2" at Kodansha. Announced that the one and only heroine named Hiyori will be chosen in an audition open to the public.

  11. 2014.03.26

    DVD and Blu-ray of live performance, "BEST OF THE BEST vol.Ⅰ" which ended with the participation of 70,000 people in total. The DVD comes in two types, BIRTHDAheroinY and XTASY.

  12. 2014.03.14

    Attended "Naruto Daiichi Junior High School Graduation Ceremony of Year 2013 " by surprise.Keeping his promise, GACKT performed "Like a flower blooming in the field " which was released on 2007. Broadcasted by Nico Nico Douga for the first time.

  13. 2014.03.01

    First 90th Camui ♂ Gakuen de Setsujo Taiikusai held at Ikenotaira, Nagano.

  14. 2014.02.12

    Released his 44th single "P.S. I LOVE U", a VARTIX TV commercial song.

  15. 2014.02.11

    Event at AiiA Theater, prior to release of 44th single "P.S. I LOVE U".

  16. 2014.01.20

    Appeared in drama, " video "Renai wa Hitsuzen dearu ~Drama de wakaru! Shinkankaku Renai Housoku~"(Love is inevitable ~Find New Love Rules from this Drama~)".


  1. 2013.12.26

    Performed with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, " "GACKT x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra "Kareinaru classic no Yuube" " at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall.

  2. 2013.11.23

    4th " Camui ♂ Gakuen de Dashinasai"Starts school festival " ", GACKT is the president of the student council ". Held in four cities, the last festival at Xebio Arena was broadcasted live by Nico Nico Douga for the first time.

  3. 2013.11.23

    Released GACKT STONE, jewelry collaboration between GACKT x Loree Rodkin.

  4. 2013.11.22

    Released GACKT×KISSMARK PROJECT "Rouge et Noir" , a TV commercial for past three seasons.

  5. 2013.11.17

    Appeared as guest on hero TV series "Bima Satria Garuda" of Indonesian TV show.

  6. 2013.10.05

    Appeared as guest in the final performance of YOHIO's LIVE TOUR "BREAK the BORDER", in Sweden.

  7. 2013.09.29

    Guest appearance on J-POP program "IROIRO" broadcasted by Indonesia TraxFM101.4

  8. 2013.08.25

    In continuation to 2007, 2008, and 2010, participated for the first time in two years in the 88th Kenshin Festival held in Joetsu, Kawanakajima. GACKT appears as Procession for the Battle of Kawanakajima.

  9. 2013.07.26

    Appeared as surprise guest in the Akasaka Music Festival held at Akasaka BLITZ.

  10. 2013.07.18

    Appeared as special guest to greet the audience for the movie“Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills. Sang the Japanese version theme song and also participated as one of the voice cast.

  11. 2013.07.04

    Held 3DAYS Live“BEST OF THE BEST”at Yokohama Arena. The hall and area together gathered about 70,000 visitors. A live viewing was also held at movie theaters around the country.

  12. 2013.07.03

    Released best album“BEST OF THE BEST”in two versions“MILD”and“WILD”.

  13. 2013.05.11

    GACKT LIVE TOUR 2013 "BEST OF THE BEST vol. I M/W " started from Tokyo exclusively for fan club members.

  14. 2013.04.19

    Appeared regularly as Japanese judge in CX TVs“ASIA VERSUS”. Broadcast in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Indonesia as Asian music program.

  15. 2013.03.19

    Surprise visit to Aoyagi Elementary School of Kusaka City, Saitama. GACKT held a special class for 73 6th grade students based on the theme of "dream for the future. "

  16. 2013.03.01

    Surprise appearance in the graduation ceremony for Ohtsuki High School. As the school was closing, one of the teachers strongly requested GACKT to visit the school. He performed "like a flower blooming in the field " which was released in 2007.

  17. 2013.02.24

    89th Camui Gakuen de Setsujoutai Ikku MATSURI was held at Ikenotaira, Nagano.

  18. 2013.01.17

    Announced the release of a new sake named "Chateau GACKT " produced together with Sendai Date Katsuyama Brewery.


  1. 2012.12.19

    Releases 43rd single, "WHITE LOVERS, Happy Moments "(Avex), which was a commercial song for the brand "Rouge et Noir ", a collaboration with kissmark.

  2. 2012.12.10

    Released 42nd single, "HAKURO "(Avex), a theme song for TV series, "Sengoku BASARA-MOONLIGHT PARTY " adapted from TV-game "Sengoku BASARA ".

  3. 2012.10.13

    Appeared as Takashi Shiki in the Nippon Television Network Corporation drama "Akumu-chan ", which aired between October and December 2012.

  4. 2012.07.15

    Appeared as Minamoto no Yoshitsune in the stage "MOON SAGA - YOSHITSUNE HIDEN - ", from July to October, 2012. Completed a total of 61 stages.

  5. 2012.03.29

    Sang Japan's national anthem in the major league opening game "athletics vs Seattle Mariners " at theHolds TOKYO DOME.

  6. 2012.03.19

    Performed "GHOST " at the Asian Film Awards held in Hong Kong, which ended in great success.

  7. 2012.03.11

    Year where the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. GACKT sent flowers to the Ofunado City Cultural Center, in Koumyouji, Rikuzentakata City, Kesennuma City Gymnasium, South Sanriku Gymnasium Bayside Aarena, Kahoku Center in Ishimaki City, and Grande 21 in Sendai City.

  8. 2012.03.01

    Surprise appearance in the graduation ceremony of Tohoku High School.

  9. 2012.02.22

    Released 41st single, "UNTIL THE LAST DAY"(Avex), the theme song for the movie, "Dragon Age Blood Mage".


  1. 2011.12.24

    Movie, "BUNRAKU " was played as a Christmas event in Sendai.

  2. 2011.12.06

    At the press conference of the movie "Dragon Age Blood Mage ", which took place at Stellina Church, it was announced that GACKT will provide the theme song for the movie as well as participate in the voice cast.

  3. 2011.12.05

    A production announcement interview for "MOON SAGA - YOSHITSUNE HIDEN - " was held in Kodansha reception room. GACKT was chosen as the main character for this series for the second time.

  4. 2011.11.06

    Held HADAKA MATSURI as part of a domestic tour at STUDIO COAST.

  5. 2011.11.05

    Held "YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz WORLD TOUR *SHOW YOUR SOUL.Ⅰ- Sekai Shou Yua Souru Matsuri -" Held at Makuhari Messe Event Hall to raise money for the charity "SHOW YOUR HEART " for the Great East Japan Earthquake. Members took photographs of places damaged by the earthquake, and exhibited personal items for auction. Raised about 3,571,929 yen.

  6. 2011.09.25

    Held the HADAKA MATSURI as part of a domestic tour at STUDIO COAST.

  7. 2011.09.14

    Started domestic tour in, 10 places around the country for a total of 19 stages.

  8. 2011.07.20

    Started World Tour in Europe. GACKT performed a total of 14 stages in 13 different locations in Europe.

  9. 2011.06.09

    NICO NICO DOUGA press conference announced new-born YFC.

  10. 2011.03.31

    Held the charity "SHOW YOUR HEART" to raise money worldwide, at 150 places in Japan, and in 20 different countries. The show was started at the same time and all proceeds were donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

  11. 2011.03.12

    Held "SHOW YOUR HEART " to help victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, one of the worst disasters to hit Japan in history.

  12. 2011.03.01

    Surprise appearance in the graduation ceremony of Nagoya International Junior & Senior High School.

  13. 2011.01.01

    Sang the national anthem in the 90th "Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship Final. ".


  1. 2010.07.28

    Released "EVER", his first single after transferring to the Avex Group (Theme song of online RPG hangame, "Dragon Nest" ).

  2. 2010.07.24

    Successfully completed tour, "GACKT COMING TO EUROPE 2010 ATTACK OF THE "YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz"" in Bochum, Germany.

  3. 2010.07.21

    Released his 11th album, "GACKT THE ELEVENTH DAY~SINGLE COLLECTION~" ; the long awaited second series of his SINGLE COLLECTION released six years ago. The first SINGLE COLLECTION, "GACKT THE SIXTH DAY ~SINGLE COLLECTION~" was released again on the same day.

  4. 2010.07.16

    Started first tour in Europe, "GACKT COMING TO EUROPE 2010 ATTACK OF THE "YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz"".

  5. 2010.06.28

    Released a microSD version of the concert DVD released on May 8, 2010, "GACKT YELLOW FRIED CHICKENZ Danson Jyohi Hadaka Matsuri 100 Nichi Houyou (Strictly Male Only ~100 Days of Embrace~)" . Offered limited copies only to members of DEARS.

  6. 2010.06.23

    Released his 10th album, "ARE YOU "FRIED CHICKENz "??".

  7. 2010.06.10

    Started tour, "GACKT YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Danjo Konyoku Hadaka Matsuri (Boys and Girls Integration Party)" at Zepp Tokyo. This was the tour version of the male-only concert held on March 21, 2010, but this time, the tour allowed female audiences. It was the first as well as the last Japan tour.

  8. 2010.05.28

    Announced that the tour will continue to February 2011.

  9. 2010.05.14

    Opened stage, "Nemuri Kyoshirou Buraihikae" from Nissei Theatre. The stage ran to February, 2011.

  10. 2010.05.08

    Released DVD 49 days after the male-only concert held on March 21,2010, "GACKT YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Danson Jyohi Hadaka Matsuri 49Nichi (Strictly Male Only Nude Party ~49 Days After~)" Offered limited copies only to members of DEARS.

  11. 2010.04.29

    Release of movie, "Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" at Japanese theaters. GACKT played the voice of Maltazard in Japanese for the second time.

  12. 2010.04.17

    Officially announced transfer of his private record label DEARS to Avex. Also announced on the same day that his 1st single released from his new label will be used in the hangame, "Dragon Nest"

  13. 2010.04.05

    Held press conference for ASAHI beverage commercial, "WONDA"

  14. 2010.04.02

    Held press conference on his role in the stage, "Nemuri Kyoshirou Buraihikae".

  15. 2010.03.31

    Released VISUALIVE DVD, "GACKT VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 REQUIEM ET REMINISCENCE II FINAL ~Requiem and Restoration~" The filmed concert was the final concert of the tour on July 12, 2009 at Saitama Super Arena.

  16. 2010.03.26


  17. 2010.03.21

    Male-only concert, "GACKT YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Danson Jyohi Hadaka Matsuri (Strictly Male Limited Nude Party)" held at Club Citta in Kawasaki.

  18. 2010.03.06

    Appeared at KOEI Presents "Sengoku Bushou Matsuri" for two days wearing a Japanese armor outfit.

  19. 2010.02.27

    Hosted "Camui G School Sekijou Tai-Iku Festival (Snow Sports Festival 2010" for two days.

  20. 2010.02.13

    Performed at "Music Festival of Asia" in Niigata.

  21. 2010.01.01

    Released his 37th single "Stay the Ride Alive" (Ending theme for "Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider W and Decade Movie Daisakusen 2010").


  1. 2009.12.24

    Held additional stages over two days of Gakuen sai "Camui G School de Otoko mo Onna mo IKINA sai (Boys and Girls Orgasmic Festival" at Zepp Osaka.

  2. 2009.12.09

    Released his 36th double A side single, "Setsugetsuka –The End of Silence- / Zan" (Theme song for Wii game "Sengoku Musou 3 ",). The music video of "Setsugetsuka –The End of Silence-" was rated one of the top five most significant work in music video history.

  3. 2009.12.02

    Released GACKT PERFECT STORY BOOK "RE:BORN", which combined stories of "Requiem et Reminiscence " using songs, texts, photographs, and CDs.

  4. 2009.11.06

    Started "Camui G School de Otoko mo Onna mo IKINA Sai (Boys and Girls Orgasmic Festival" , an event limited only to members of DEARS Startsfrom Region Plaza Joetsu.

  5. 2009.11.05

    Held press conference at SHIBUYA-AX for the opening of "Nemuri Kyoshirou Buraihikae", in which GACKT appeared as the main character.

  6. 2009.10.28

    Released photobook, "VISUALIVE 2009 DOCUMENTARY BOOK GACKT Requiem et Reminiscence II ~Requiem and Restoration~".

  7. 2009.10.10

    Guest appearance at "WOW! LIVE THANKS FOR MUSIC" Holds at Yoyogi National Stadium.

  8. 2009.09.19

    Participated in "Asia Song Festival 2009" at Seoul World Cup Stadium in Korea.

  9. 2009.08.23

    Appeared in "Animelo Summer Live 2009 RE:BRIDGE" held at Saitama Super Arena.

  10. 2009.08.11

    Released his 35th single, "The Next Decade" (Theme song of "Kamen Rider Decade All Rider vs Dai Shocker") and also appeared in the movie as Yuuki Joji.

  11. 2009.07.12

    Successfully completed tour "GACKT VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II Final ~ Requiem and Restoration~" at Saitama Super Arena.

  12. 2009.07.04

    Held an additional arena stage of "GACKT VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II Final ~Requiem and Restoration~ Birthday with Dears" at Yoyogi National Stadium. Also changed his name from lowercase "Gackt " to capital "GACKT ".

  13. 2009.07.01

    Released his 34th and fourth single of his four-week single release project, "Flower".

  14. 2009.06.24

    Released his 33rd and third single of his four-week single release project, "Lost Angels" (Ending theme of "Jyoho Live Miyaneya" Yomiuri TV/ Nihon TV).

  15. 2009.06.17

    Released his 32nd and second single of his four-week single release project, "Faraway~Hoshi ni Negai wo~" (Theme song of "Egawa x Horio's Super Urugusu", Nihon TV).

  16. 2009.06.13

    Tour, "GACKT VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II Final ~Requiem and Restoration~". Started at Makuhari Messe Event Hall.

  17. 2009.06.10

    Celebrated his 10th anniversary as a solo artist. Launched a project to release four singles in only four weeks, the four-week single release project, called "GACKT 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY COUNT DOWN". Released his 31st single and 1st single of the project, "Koakuma Heaven"

  18. 2009.05.23

    Appeared in the second episode of TBS drama, "MR. BRAIN" as a criminal on death row, Takegami Teijirou, which drew widespread attention.

  19. 2009.04.11

    Successfully ended finale of national hall tour "GACKT VISUALIVE TOUR 2008-2009 Requiem et Reminiscence ~Restoration and Reunion~" at Okinawa Convention Center Theater, which had continued for three years after his last hall tour.

  20. 2009.03.25

    Released 30th single, "Journey through the Decade" (Ending theme for "Masked Rider Rider Decade ").

  21. 2009.03.09

    GLADIATOR, a Pachinko game in which GACKT appears as the main character was introduced to Pachinko arcades nationwide. Appeared in a talk show, "Gackt jack" in Nagoya, and recorded a limited edition "GLADIATOR" soundtrack.

  22. 2009.01.28

    Released the standard version of "GHOST".

  23. 2009.01.21

    Released his 29th single "GHOST", prior to members of his fan club.


  1. 2008.12.24

    Released DVD set "PLATINUM BOX IX" containing special images of GACKT and original Christmas gifts from GACKT.

  2. 2008.12.14

    Started long-awaited nationwide Live Tour "GACKT VISUALIVE TOUR 2008-2009 Requiem et Reminiscence ~Rebirth and Reunion~" for a record number of 51 performances in 42 cities after 3-year interval. Started Arena Tour (June to July) from the Misato Cultural Center.

  3. 2008.12.03

    Released 28th Single "Jesus".

  4. 2008.11.26

    Released 28th single "Jesus", his first single in one and a half years, for fan club members only.

  5. 2008.10.29

    Released live album collection CD-BOX "nine*nine" which traces GACKT’s path and memories over the past nine years.

  6. 2008.08.22

    Appeared in "Great Kenshin Festival " held in Joetsu City for the second consecutive year following 2007, and helped boost the atmosphere of the festival which attracted as many as 210,000 visitors.

  7. 2008.07.31

    Released GACKPOID, a virtual vocalist software which sings selected songs and lyrics in GACKT’s voice.

  8. 2008.04.22

    Officially announced that GACKT will appear in Hollywood film "BUNRAKU" . He worked with superstar actors such as Josh Harnett and Demi Moore.The movie was released in 2009.

  9. 2008.04.06

    Opened official site in MySpace.

  10. 2008.03.22

    Released NHK period drama document DVD "Like A Dragon Flying In The Sky"Releases. He also appeared in a TV commercial for Fujisangyo's Exsanas skin care gel "LIMUNUS" , aired in western Japan.

  11. 2008.03.18

    Performed a surprise live for the graduation ceremony of Takata High School in Niigata Prefecture.

  12. 2008.03.08

    Sang the national anthem "Kimigayo" solo at the second title match Holds at Kokugikan in Ryougoku for WBC Flyweight Title Holder Naitou.

  13. 2008.03.01

    Performed a surprise live for the graduation ceremony of Satake High School in Ibaraki Prefecture.


  1. 2007.12.31

    Appeared in NHK "The 56th Year-end Grand Song Festival ".

  2. 2007.12.24

    Released "PLATINUM BOX VIII" (Dears limited edition).

  3. 2007.12.19

    Released ninth album "0079–0088".

  4. 2007.12.09

    Participated in the 2007 CFA Shanghai Fashion Awards held in Shanghai. Received the In Style Japanese Fashion Icon of the Year award.

  5. 2007.11.30

    Released photo collection "Avatar of Dragon ", taken by Seiichi Nomura. This book expresses the heroic and gorgeous world based on the key visual of aloof god of war, Kagetora Nagao (Kenshin Uesugi) who appears in the TV-drama "Furin-Kazan" .

  6. 2007.11.17

    Appeared in the "2007 M-net KM MUSIC FESTIVAL", one of the greatest music festival in Asia, Holds at Jamsil Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea.

  7. 2007.10.24

    iTunes Music Store starts selling all 224 tunes, in the catalog, in 22 countries in the world.

  8. 2007.09.26

    Completed shooting of NHK period drama "Furin-Kazan".

  9. 2007.09.22

    Release of movie "Arthur and the Minimoys Minimoys" in which GACKT appears as the voice actor of "Marthazaar the Devil" Shochiku-Tokyu theaters in Japan, as well as Marunouchi Plaza.

  10. 2007.08.31

    Released a documentary DVD of GACKT’s the Asian Tour in Taiwan "GACKT TRAINING DAYS IN TAIWAN D.R.U.G. PARTY ASIA TOUR 2007.02.07-08".

  11. 2007.08.25

    Appeared as Kesnhin Takeda in a war procession of "The 82nd Kenshin Festival" held at Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture. More than 100,000 people came to see GACKT in two days.

  12. 2007.07.04

    Released a DVD of the final stage of the club tour limited to the members of fan club (ZEPP TOKYO) "GACKT TRAINING DAYS 2006 D.R.U.G. PARTY".

  13. 2007.06.29

    Appeared on the stage at "ANIME EXPO 2007", held at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center Long Beach Arena, Los Angels, as the vocalist of the band "S.K.I.N." formed by YOSHIKI (ex. X JAPAN), SUGIZO (ex. LUNA SEA) and Miyabi.

  14. 2007.06.20

    Released the 27th single RETUENER~The End of Darkness~"". It topped the Oricon Single Chart for the first time on July 2.

  15. 2007.03.01

    GACKT gave a surprise concert at the graduation ceremony of Nagasaki Prefectural Nagasaki Hokuyodai High School.

  16. 2007.02.07

    Held live performance "GACKT TRAINING DAYS IN TAIWAN D.R.U.G. PARTY ASIA TOUR 2007.02.07-08" at Taipei Government County Multi-Purpose Hall in Taiwan.

  17. 2007.02.07

    Released the 26th single "Like a Wild Flower".

  18. 2007.01.28

    Held the show "GACKT TRAINING DAYS IN KOREA D.R.U.G. PARTY ASIA TOUR 2007.01.28-29" at MERON-AX in Seoul, Korea.

  19. 2007.01.07

    NHK starts broadcasting its period drama "Furin-Kazan" in which GACKT appears as Kenshin Uesugi.


  1. 2006.12.13

    Released "December Love Songs-COMPLETE BOX".

  2. 2006.12.04

    First day of "GACKT TRAINING DAYS 2006 D.R.U.G. PARTY" Starts at Zepp Osaka.

  3. 2006.11.22

    Released large-sized CD jacket series – "GACKT PREMIUM COLLECTION" 5th "DIABOLOS".

  4. 2006.11.15

    Released large-sized CD jacket series – "GACKT PREMIUM COLLECTION" 4th "Crescent".

  5. 2006.11.08

    Released large-sized CD series "GACKT PREMIUM COLLECTION" Part 3 "MOON".

  6. 2006.11.01

    Released large-sized CD jacket series – "GACKT PREMIUM COLLECTION" 2nd "Rebirth".

  7. 2006.10.25

    Released large-sized CD jacket series – "GACKT PREMIUM COLLECTION" 1st "MARS".

  8. 2006.08.23

    Simultaneous release of the greatest video clip collection ever released on DVD! Both "THE GREATEST FILMOGRAPHY 1999-2006 BLUE" and "THE GREATEST FILMOGRAPHY 1999-2006 RED"! (BLUE) - No.1 on the Oricon Charts. (RED) - No. 2 on the Oricon Charts.

  9. 2006.03.29

    Released DVD featuring all tracks from his first live performance at Tokyo Dome "GACKT Live Tour 2005"~A Sorrowful Poem and Tears on Christmas Eve~"".

  10. 2006.03.01

    Released 25th Single, "Love Letter" (B-Side Dybbuk), Releases. (Theme song for "Mobile Suit Gundam Z, Love is a Star's Beat ", by Roadshow Entertainment 3/4/2006).

  11. 2006.02.28

    Performed surprise live at the graduation ceremony of Maiko High School.

  12. 2006.01.25

    Released 24th Single, "REDEMPTION". (Theme song for the Play Station 2 game, "DIRGE of CERBERUS-FINAL FANTASY VII").

  13. 2006.01.14

    Start of GACKT's first Asian tour, "GACKT Live Tour 2005~in Asia "~A Sorrowful Poem and Tears on Christmas Eve~in Asia "" from the Fencing Stadium in Korean Olympic Park.


  1. 2005.12.24

    Final stage of GACKT's nationwide tour, "GACKT Live Tour 2005"~A Sorrowful Poem and Tears on Christmas Eve~" at Holds Tokyo Dome.

  2. 2005.12.07

    Released "PLATINUM BOX VI", containing GACKT's Christmas present to his fans, a DVD, original goods, and precious images from 2005.

  3. 2005.12.01

    Released "December Love Song", featuring M.C the MAX (Isoo)" as a single (only available on the Internet). Performed a duet with Vo. Isoo from the Korean group "MC the MAX" in Korean.

  4. 2005.11.06

    GACKT led out the bikes in the final and acted as the presenter of awards at the Kawaguchi Autorace track. GACKT's songs are played for the first time as the highlight of the final race.

  5. 2005.09.23

    GACKT Live Tour 2005~A Sorrowful Poem~"" started at the Toda Cultural Hall.

  6. 2005.09.21

    Released 8th Album - "DIABOLOS".

  7. 2005.08.10

    Released 23rd single, "Todokanai Ai to Shitteitanoni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsudzuketa"", the theme song for the Fuji Television network drama, ""Contract Marriage"".

  8. 2005.06.16

    The ballad album, "Love Letter", Releases in Japan on Valentine's Day, is re-recorded in Korean and released for the Korean market.

  9. 2005.05.25

    Released 22nd single, "Metamophoze". (Theme Song for "Mobile Suit Gundam Z" released from Roadshow Entertainment on Shochiku)

  10. 2005.04.27

    Released 21st single, BLACK STONE". (Song for the Daihatsu "Move Custom" TV commercial.

  11. 2005.02.14

    Released GACKT's 7th album (his first ballad album) - "Love Letter".

  12. 2005.01.26

    Released 20th single, "With all My Love". (Theme song for Entertainment SPORTS for NNN News Plus 1 shown on NTV.)


  1. 2004.12.15

    Released "PLATINUM BOX V", containing GACKT's Christmas present to his fans, a DVD, original goods, and precious images from 2004.

  2. 2004.12.08

    Released 19th single, "December Love Song". The 2004 B-side features the Korean version.

  3. 2004.12.04

    Invited to the biggest musical event in Korea, the " MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL" to receive award"Best Asian Rock Artist ".

  4. 2004.10.27

    Released 18th single, "Needing You ". (Ending theme song for "The Wide " broadcast, on NTV.)

  5. 2004.09.15

    Released DVD featuring all tracks from his final live performance on the 2004 tour held on the 4th of July, 2004 at Yokohama Arena, "GACKT Live Tour 2004, THE SIXTH DAY & SEVENTH NIGHT-FINAL".

  6. 2004.07.04

    Held spectacular final stage nationwide arena tour, "GACKT Live Tour 2004, THE SIXTH DAY & SEVENTH NIGHT" at Yokohama area.

  7. 2004.05.26

    Released acoustically arranged, "Unplugged" 6th album, "THE SEVENTH NIGHT" comprising of previously released tracks.

  8. 2004.04.29

    Start of A nationwide tour "GACKT Live Tour 2004 THE SIXTH DAY & SEVENTH NIGHT" comprising of 15 performances at 8 venues Makuhari Messe.

  9. 2004.02.25

    Released 5th Album, "THE SIXTH DAY" (a single collection).


  1. 2003.12.17

    Released "PLATINUM BOX IV ", a set featuring GACKT's Christmas present to his fans, a DVD, original goods, and precious images from 2003.

  2. 2003.12.03

    Released 17th single - ""December Love Song"/ Releases. This 2003 release features a Chinese version, performed as a duet with the Taiwanese artist, Wang Leehom. Released 4th album – "Crescent".

  3. 2003.11.12

    Released 16th single, "Last Song".

  4. 2003.09.18

    Released DVD featuring all tracks from his final live performance of his 2003 tour Holds on the 6th of July, 2003 at Yokohama Arena. "Waxing Moon The Last Chapter".

  5. 2003.08.06

    Released "Moonlight" featuring video clips of "Dreams that You've Chased" and "The Moon's Song " and the making of documentaries on DVD and video.

  6. 2003.07.06

    Held the spectacular final event of GACKT's nationwide arena tour, "GACKT Live Tour 2003, "Waxing Moon "" at Yokohama area.

  7. 2003.06.25

    Released 15th single, "Lu:na/OASIS", the theme song for the original video version of "New Fist of the North Star "Shin Hokutou no Ken "".

  8. 2003.06.11

    Released 14th single, "The Moon's Song" Releases. (Ending theme for the late night animation "TEXHNOLIZE" broadcast on Fuji Television).

  9. 2003.06.01

    Modelled and provided narration for the lead character (Rau Wong) in the TAITO Playstation 2 game, "BUJINGAI".

  10. 2003.05.04

    Start of nationwide tour "GACKT Live Tour 2003"Waxing Moon" comprising of 13 performances at eight venues at Makuhari Messe.

  11. 2003.04.19

    Release of "MOON CHILD" starring GACKT, at Shochiku cinemas in Japan. Worked on the script and did his own action scenes on location in Taiwan.

  12. 2003.04.05

    GACKT appears as a regular personality on the new Nippon Broadcasting show "GACKT's Outrageous Men" (GACKT no Furachi na Otokotachi) (Aired on Net on Demand for 4 channels).

  13. 2003.03.19

    Released 13th single, "Dreams that You've Chased "". (Image song for Wowow European football). Released DVD and Video featuring all tracks from his final live performance of the 2002 tour Holds on December 24, 2002 at Yokohama Arena. "GACKT Live Tour 2002 "GACKT Live Tour 2002 The Waning Moon ~Melodies on Christmas Eve~".


  1. 2002.12.24

    Held the spectacular final event of GACKT's nationwide arena tour, "GACKT Live Tour 2002"Waning Moon " at Yokohama area.

  2. 2002.12.21

    Released "PLATINUM BOX III", a set featuring original goods as GACKT's Christmas present to his fans, and a DVD featuring documentation images from a Chinese-Japanese exchange event Holds in Beijing in September and video clips for "ANOTHER WORLD", "December Love Song"" and "I don't Forget You"".

  3. 2002.11.27

    Released 12th single "December Love Song "December Love Song "". "December Love Song " originally released in 2001. Releases foreign language version every December to further reach fans worldwide. The 2002 single features the English version.

  4. 2002.10.14

    Kicked off aA nationwide tour "GACKT Live Tour 2002"Waning Moon" comprising of 22 performances at 15 venues at Toda Cultural Hall.

  5. 2002.09.22

    GACKT's first overseas live event held at the Beijing Worker's Gymnasium (capacity of 50,000 people) in China. Appeared in a large musical event, "China-Japan: Holding Hands, Moving Together", commemorating 30 years of mending relations between China and Japan.

  6. 2002.07.10

    Final event on GACKT's live house tour Holds at Zepp Sendai.

  7. 2002.07.01

    Appeared in a "Tateyama" TV commercial for Tateyama Brewing.

  8. 2002.06.19

    Released 3rd album, "MOON".

  9. 2002.06.06

    Kicked off nationwide live house tour (Dears Presents Special Talk & Live Addition) comprising of 9 performances at 8 venues (including secret performances) at Zepp Fukuoka.

  10. 2002.04.24

    Released 11th single (maxi), "I don't Forget You". (Tie-up song for Fuji color digital camera print campaign commercials.) * The B-side, "Doomsday" is a tie-up song for a Takanoyuri commercial.

  11. 2002.04.01

    Appeared on the Nippon Broadcasting show "GACKT's " (36 channel network across Japan). (Until March 2003)

  12. 2002.03.20

    Re-released 2nd single "Vanilla" on 12 cm CD. The video clip for Vanilla is added as an ENHANCED CD.

  13. 2002.03.01

    Released "Breeze", a video featuring video clips for "ANOTHER WORLD" and "December Love Song", making of documentaries and other bonus material.


  1. 2001.12.21

    Released "PLATINUM BOX II", a set featuring a video containing GACKT talking about his tracks and a DVD containing video clips for 8 singles, from his 1st single "Mizerable" to "Things I Can Do For You".

  2. 2001.12.16

    Released 10th single"December Love Song" with the themes of universal love, world peace and a brighter future for children in the wake of the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks.

  3. 2001.11.30

    Released DVD "Requiem et Reminiscence "Death and Silence" "Extended Version".

  4. 2001.09.28

    Released "Requiem et Reminiscence Death and Silence" mainly featuring images from the final event of GACKT's nationwide tour held at Yokohama Area.

  5. 2001.09.05

    Released 9th single (maxi), "ANOTHER WORLD".

  6. 2001.06.27

    Released special limited edition of GACKT's 2nd album, "Rebirth" Includes packaging in the shape of GACKT's heart.

  7. 2001.06.23

    Held spectacular final event of GACKT's nationwide tour, "Requiem et Reminiscence" at Yokohama Arena.

  8. 2001.06.21

    Released video "Saisei and Shuen" (Rebirth and Ultimate End) containing PV and making bonus scenes of "Secreet Garden" and "Kimi no Tame ni Dekirukoto".

  9. 2001.05.03

    Kicks off nationwide tour (Requiem et Reminescence) comprising of 18 performances at 14 venues at Toda Cultural Hall.

  10. 2001.04.25

    Released 2nd album, "Rebirth".

  11. 2001.04.15

    Appeared as a regular performer on the CX show "Domoto Brothers (Domoto Kyoudai)". (Until March 2003).

  12. 2001.03.14

    Released 8th single (maxi), "Things I Can Do For You& ". (Ending theme song for "CDTV", aired on TBS).


  1. 2000.12.16

    Released "PLATINUM BOX", a set featuring a video clips for "Sekirei~Seki-ray~" and "Reunion~Story~" Reunion~Story~" " and a CD containing tracks from the "MARS Visitor From the Sky". A GACKT bible to any collector.

  2. 2000.11.22

    Released "MARS _ Visitor From the Sky _ Flashbacks Special Edition "MARS Visitor From the Sky~Flashbacks~" , on DVD featuring a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks and 3 language selections.

  3. 2000.11.16

    Released 7th single (maxi), "Secret Garden".

  4. 2000.10.04

    Released "MARS Visitor From the Sky~Flashbacks~", a video featuring images from the final live event on GACKT's nationwide tour Holds at Yokohama Arena and documents his road from becoming a solo singer to the gig. Reached No.1 on the monthly video charts on "Countdown TV", shown on TBS.

  5. 2000.08.30

    Released 6th single (maxi), "Reunion~Story~". (Ending theme for "Hot Pants" shown on NTV) *B-side, "dears" features as the theme song for "Gundam the Ride " at Fujikyuu Highland.

  6. 2000.07.01

    Held spectacular final event of nationwide tour, "MARS Visitor From the Sky" Holds at Yokohama Arena.

  7. 2000.06.30

    Released "VIDEO Mirror _ OASIS", featuring video clips and making of documentaries.

  8. 2000.04.27

    Kicked off nationwide tour "MARS Visitor From the Sky" comprising of 16 performances at Omiya Sonic City.

  9. 2000.04.26

    Released first album, "MARS".

  10. 2000.03.08

    Released 5th single (maxi), "Skirei~Seki-ray~".

  11. 2000.02.16

    Released 4th single (maxi), "OASIS".

  12. 2000.02.09

    Released 3rd single (maxi), "Mirror".


  1. 1999.08.11

    Released 2nd single, "Vanilla". (Ending theme for "Romihi", aired on CTV/NTV). Peaked at number 4 on the Oricon rankings. Enjoyed considerable success even after this and stayed in the charts for over 10 weeks.

  2. 1999.07.25

    Appeared at "SHOCK WAVE ILLUSION '99 in Tokyo, Hibiya Outside Music Hall".

  3. 1999.07.11

    Appeared at "SHOCK WAVE ILLUSION '99 in Osaka Castle Outside Music Hall".

  4. 1999.06.30

    Limited release of GACKT's 1st single, "Mizerable Single BOX", including a video containing the video clip and making of documentary. Regular version released after this.

  5. 1999.05.12

    Released E.P. "Mizerable".

  6. 1999.04.25

    First gig as a solo performer "GACKT Easter Live _ Resurrection" is Holds at Omiya Arche. Following this in store events were held as part of the "99 GACKT RESURRECTION" tour in 12 locations across Japan.

  7. 1999.04.13

    Appeared as a regular performer on the nationwide FM program "Radio's Golden Age _ Eaten Bean Paste and Nibbled Tangerines " Radio Ougon Jidai Kuwareta Youkan to Kajirareta Mikan" broadcast on 32 regional channels across Japan.

  8. 1999.02.11

    Traveled to America to complete recording.

  9. 1999.01.01

    GACKT begins his solo career.