NEWS BOOK 2014.08.01

MOON SAGA -Secret of Yoshitsune- Novel On Sale Now

Kodansha has released the original novel of the “MOON SAGA-Secret of Yoshitsune-Chapter 2” stage which will open on August 8.
The thrilling book condenses the preceding Chapter 1 and this Chapter 2 into one story.
With Yoshitsune, a famous historical figure known to all Japanese, as the main character, this story depicts a fictional world revolving around Yoshitsune of the Genji clan based on a new interpretation, different from the generally known “World of Genji” stories.

The Yoshitsune created by GACKT is a totally different character.
This is a book which can be enjoyed both before and after watching the stage.

The story revolves around half-human half-beast hybrids called Mononofu who assume human form with special powers.
Using these gifts, they gradually start to rule humans.
Later, this leads to a battle between two clans of Mononofus who seek greater power.
The two clans, the Heike and Genji who exert dominance during the late-Heian period, engage in continuous fierce battles in the capital of Kyoto.
Yoshitsune, the actual brother of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the head of the Genji clan , fights on the frontline, and accidentally kills his best friend Minamoto no Yoshinaka during a battle.
Afraid of the “beast”that lives in him, Yoshitsune struggles to fight his powers.
He also starts to question the meaning of Mononofus mutually shedding blood in battle. When he meets another Mononofu, Dennai Noriyoshi, he begins a journey to seek the path to peace together with Taira no Tomonori, the leader of the Heike clan. Accompanying them is also the handsome Taira no Noritsune, known to be the strongest warrior of the Heike clan.
Even though they clash, the bond between Yoshitsune, Tomonori, and others grows stronger as they exchange cups of sake and talk throughout the night.
However, Yoritomo’s wife Hojo Masako, sends an evil Mononofu to the capital to exterminate Yoshitsune and the Heike clan to fulfill her ambitions.

The novel “MOON SAGA Secret of Yoshitsune”(1944 yen/Kodansha) is available at bookstores around the country and at the online bookstore!