1. NEWS TV 2015.12.18

    GACKT Appearing in Geinojin Kakuzuke Ranking Check 2016 New Year Special!

    GACKT will be appearing on the Geinojin Kakuzuke Ranking Check 2016 New Year Special broadcast by ABC Asahi Channel! The program will start from 18...

  2. NEWS TV 2015.11.06

    Camui Gakuen de Dashitekudasai Osaka Branch Scenes On Air!

    Music Japan TV Latest ! Music Japan TV Countdown TOP20 http://www.mjtv.jp/lineup/countdown/index_20.html [First broadcast] 11/7 Sat. 10:00 [Rep...

  3. NEWS TV 2015.10.04

    GACKT Appearing in Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV"!

    GACKT will be appearing live in Fuji TV program "Mezamashi TV", in the "Mezama Shindan" corner on October 5 Monday, 5:25 to 8:00. Please check o...

  4. NEWS TV 2015.09.08


    Two new Hokuto CMs "Hokuto Premium "Shimofuri HIratake" and "Main Dish" will start airing from tomorrow September 9 (wed) nationwide! Please look ...

  5. NEWS TV 2015.09.04

    Information on TV Appearance, September 2015

    ◆September 23 (Wednesday, public holiday) From 12:00 TV Asahi Channel "MUSIC STATION Ultra FES" Special mega 10-hour program! ※Broadcast time may...

  6. NEWS TV 2015.08.25

    New BIg TVーCM "Okanemochi Nyumon" Version 3 and 4 Now Showing !

    Once again GACKT and Hidetoshi Nishijima appear together in the commercial. New BIg TVーCM "Okanemochi Nyumon" Version 3 and 4 is now on air ! ...

  7. NEWS TV 2015.07.16

    Information on TV Appearance, July 2015

    ◆July 3 (Friday) 23:15 to 24:15 Asahi TV "Ichi i to Biri"  ※May not be broadcast in some regions.

  8. NEWS TV 2015.05.01

    Now Accepting May Orders for GACKT × VARTIX × SHELLAC!

    With the renewal of the GACKT STORE completed, we have started to accept orders for the following five products. ・S/S V-Neck Tee ・S/S U-Neck Tee ・...

  9. NEWS TV 2015.03.25

    TV Appearance Information 2015

    ◆TV Asashi "Katte ni Race Variety "Ichi To Biri" (First and Last Place)  (Date of broadcast not known)*We will let you know once we know.

  10. NEWS TV 2015.03.21

    TV Appearance Information April 2015

    ◆April 24(Friday) 25:25-25:40 Fuji TV "Zenryaku Tsukino Uekara"