1. NEWS TV 2016.06.03

    GACKT’s comments will be broadcasted over 2 weeks on ”WAKUWAKU JAPAN” by Music Japan TV !

    You can see GACKT’s comments on “Music Japan TV” over 2 weeks. Music Japan TV is a TV program broadcasted by WAKUWAKU JAPAN. And WAKUWAKU JAPAN is ...

  2. NEWS TV 2016.03.24

    GACKT Appearing in "Tuesday Surprise GACKT's Surprise Food Tour 2-Hour Special"!

    GACKT will be appearing in "Tuesday Surprise GACKT's Surprise Food Tour 2-Hour Special"! This time GACKT will go on a no reservation surprise gour...

  3. NEWS TV 2016.03.11

    GACKT Appearing on "Gurunai Spring Gochi 2 Hour Special"!

    GACKT will be appearing on "Gurunai Spring Gochi 2 Hour Special"! The program will be broadcast by Nippon TV on March 31 (Thursday) 19:00 to 20:54....

  4. NEWS TV 2016.03.09

    GACKT Appearing on Music Japan TV "GACKT Special"

    The first broadcast of Music Japan TV "GACKT Special" will start April 27 (Wed) from 23:00. Check it out! For details, please see: http://www.mjtv...

  5. NEWS TV 2016.03.05

    GACKT's Surprise Live Stage at Graduation Today Aired on TBS "Nekketsu Live Vivid"!

    GACKT's Surprise Live Stage during the Graduation Ceremony of the Chiba Keizai University High Schoool today will be aired next Tuesday on TBS "N...

  6. NEWS TV 2016.03.04

    Orders for Some "GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE "Official Goods

    Order by March 7 (Tuesday) 23:59 to get your purchases by the Misato stage, which is the first day of the tour on March 19. Purchases over 8000 ye...

  7. NEWS TV 2016.03.04

    GACKT Special Aired on Music Japan TV in April 2016!

    Check out the Music Japan TV Twitter account MusicJapanTV)for information on "GACKT Special" (scheduled to be aired in April 2016)! https://twitter...

  8. NEWS TV 2016.02.26

    GACKT Appearing on TBS "Pre-Battle"!

    GACKT will be challenging flower arrangement on TBS "Pre-Battle" (Mainichi Hoso production)! It will be broadcast March 10 )Thursday 2016, 19:00-21...

  9. NEWS TV 2016.02.09

    Airing of ytv "Hama Chan Ga !" Shows with GACKT!

    Some of the ytv "Hama Chan Ga !" Shows in which GACKT appeared will be aired. Broadcast dates are as follows. Check them out! Yomiuri TV 2/11 (T...

  10. NEWS TV 2016.01.12

    GACKT Commenting on TBS TV "Hakunetsu Live Vivid" !

    GAXKT will be making a comment on TBS TV "Hakunetsu Live Vivid" ! broadcast today January 12 (Tuesday) 8:00 to 9:54 am.