1. NEWS TV 2013.07.08

    From “GACKT LIVE TOUR 2013 BEST OF THE BEST vol.I M / W”, his birthday live will be showing for 150min. on Sunday, July 14 at WOWOW, and decided to show a lot of fun and excitement because it was a live tour on his Birthday.

    In addition, “Nemuri Kyoushiro Buraihikae” will be broadcasting on August 29. If you join WOWOW now, you only need to pay 2,415yen until the end o...

  2. NEWS TV 2013.07.02

    TV appearance schedule had an error.

    TV appearance schedule had an error. We would like to correct it and apologize for inconvenience to everyone. Please see correct information belo...

  3. NEWS TV 2011.01.19

    TV Appearance Information - January 2011

    1/23(Sun) TBS 「Akko ni Omakase!」 1/20(Thu) Nippon Television「DON!」      *Subject to change without notice.

  4. NEWS TV 2010.11.18

    TV Appearance Information - November,2010

    11/15(Mon) 24:35~24:45 Fuji TV 「YAMASAKIPAN」 11/20(Sat) 9:55~11:25 Tokai TV 「PRESAT!」      *Subject to change without notice.

  5. NEWS TV 2010.10.06

    TV Appearance Information - October, 2010

    10/13(Wed) 7:00pm-8:00pm MBS 「Maki Mizuno's Restaurant of Magic」

  6. NEWS TV 2010.09.22

    『Wanda Morning Shot』 New TV Commercial broadcast begins!

    Asahi Beverage Company's can coffee "Wanda Morning Shot" New TV Commercial "Morning Shot Appearance" Volume airs beginning September 22th (Wed). S...

  7. NEWS TV 2010.05.24

    TV Appearance Information - May 2010

    5/2(Sun) 11:00pm- Nippon Television 「Oshare ism」 5/6(Thu) 8:30am- TBS 「Hanamaru」

  8. NEWS TV 2010.03.08

    TV Appearance Information - March 2010

    3/14(sun)TBS 「Sunday・Japon」 3/14(sun)TBS 「Akko ni Omakase!」 3/8(mon)Fuji TV 「Mezamashi TV」 3/8(mon)TBS 「Minomonta no Asazuba!」 3/8(mon)Nippon Telev...

  9. NEWS TV 2010.02.18

    TV Appearance Information - February 2010

    2/23(Tue) 2:18- Fuji TV「Premiere no Soukutsu」 2/12(Fri) 7:00pm-9:54pm TV Asahi「MUSIC STATION 1,000 performances SP」 *First appearance VTR of GACKT ...

  10. NEWS TV 2010.01.24

    TV Appearance Information - January 2010

    1/29(金) 9:00pm~ 23:00pm フジテレビNEXT「2009 Asia Song Festival 」rebroadcasting 1/16(Sat)12:00pm-1:00pm Fuji TV「VS ARASHI」rebroadcasting 1/1(Fri) 6:00pm-...