1. NEWS OTHER 2016.02.09

    GACKT Appearing in "Karanukan" Movie Directed by Yasuhiro Hamano!

    GACKT will be appearing in "Karanukan", a movie set in Okinawa and directed by Yasuhiro Hamano! It will be released in 2017.

  2. NEWS OTHER 2016.01.21

    ARTIST COVER for Galaxy S6/S6 edge Out Now!

    The popular Gakkuchi Jacket Design Smartphone Cases are now available for Galaxy S6/S6 edge at EC site "ARTIST COVER"! To celerbrate this, 16 past ...

  3. NEWS OTHER 2016.01.07

    Details of Additional Concerts for LAST VISUALIVE!

    GACKT will be holding his first nationwide concept tour VISUALIVE in 7 years since "VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 REQUIEM ET REMINISCENCE II ~鎮魂と再生~」. ...

  4. NEWS OTHER 2015.12.25

    LAST VISUALIVE Additional Concerts!!

    Merry Christmas!! We have a special christmas present from GACKT!♡ Additional performances for GACKT's first concert in 7 years "LAST VISUALIVE" ...

  5. NEWS OTHER 2015.12.25

    Smartphone Case "ARTIST COVER" New Year Version Gakucchi Out!

    ★Do not miss this limited time Gakkuchi case available to January 25, 2016 (Monday). ★ Check out the following website https://www.artistcover.jp/...

  6. NEWS OTHER 2015.12.25

    Geinojin Kakuduke Check Complete Version 2015 DVD to be Released!

    The DVD of popular TV program Geinojin Kakuduke Check which features GACKT will be released on February 24, 2016 (wed)! Check it out! For details...

  7. NEWS OTHER 2015.12.18

    Kawaguchi Auto Race Tracks Super Star Trial Battle Test Drive!!

    The test drive of the most prominent auto race Super Star Festa 2015 (SG 30th Super Star Champion Battle) held on December 28 (Monday) will be hel...

  8. NEWS OTHER 2015.12.08

    "Sengokushura" Appli Game Featuring GACKT as Voice Actor Now Out!!

    "Sengokushura", an appli game featuring GACKT as voice actor, is now out!! Check out the following website! http://sengokushurasoul.jp/

  9. NEWS OTHER 2015.12.04

    "ARTIST COVER" Smartphone Case Xmas Ver. Now Available!

    ★Don’t miss the limited edition Gakucchi smartphone case covers available from now to 【December 25, 2015(Fri)15:00】★ Three Gakucchi designs have...

  10. NEWS OTHER 2015.11.30

    Still Time for Camui♂Gakuen 92nd Tracksuit Reservations!

    Gokigenyo! This is your student committe with some exciting news♥ We are currently accepting orders for the popular Camui♂Gakuen 92nd Tracksuit ! ...