NEWS WEB 2019.02.22

The 34th episode of “OH!! MY!! GACKT!!” is scheduled to air!


Of course, it will be aired live as usual! 

This time it’s about PR activities for the movie "Flying Saitama" which is out now, behind the scenes of stage greetings and
GACKT will also be talking about what’s been happening in his life lately and answering your questions for the total of 90 minutes! 

Please send your questions or inquiries to GACKT via the email address below.

・Name (or nickname )
・Questions or inquiries 


▼Live Broadcast Schedule 
February 24th (Sun) 5pm - 6:30pm (JST)  

Broadcast URL:

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※ Broadcast schedule may subject to change due to internet connection stability and etc of the broadcast. 
※ Broadcast length may deviate from the original 90 minutes.

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