DVD 2008.12.24 Release
【Dears限定盤】2008/12/24|DSDV-00010|6,800円 (tax in)
□On GACKT Job of GACKTravel in year of 2008, he dressed down to pretend like a typical teenager in Japan, and actually, it really was him and his story when he was in Junior high school back then. This time, he joins high school named ""Camui Gakuen" with full of good looking guys. Uniforms and others are looking fresh, and he made appearance in the blazer. There are some gourmet, some challenge, and some serious matches that require penalty if to lose. Further "Gackt Job will be rated" based on survey by fans!! Again, the students get all excited this year.□A popular event, "A winner of a Journey of GACKT and YOU" □Full of behind the scene of GACKT, 2008, which only can be seen here! □The present for this year is "Health & Beauty Karuta cards produced by GACKT", exercise, meal, beauty, sleep and more. Something that he cares in his life introduced in this original Karuta cards. Just to warn you that, there is individual difference in effect! Material: paper, Size: 75mm x 75mm, and a total of 88cards (reading: 44 cards, taking 44 cards)