NEWS TV 2016.10.06

WOWOW "GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigo no Tsuki -LAST MOON- & MOON SAGA Special” Broadcast Announcement!

WOWOW will be airing the final show of GACKT’s LAST VISUALIVE -LAST MOON- tour, and the theatrical production  of “Secrets of Yoshitsune (Moon Saga)” trilogy!
GACKT, now known not only for his music but his acting, is a multi-talented artist who worked on many projects and widely acclaimed by leading experts from various fields for his VISUALIVE, a live show based on a story expressed through a fusion of music, video and performance. 
WOWOW will air the finale show of the national tour, GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE -LAST MOON- that was held at Saitama Super Arena, and the stage production of  “Secrets of Yoshitsune” trilogy, written, choreographed and performed by GACKT.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy the concert even more if you watch the play first. Check all the plays in advance and then enjoy the concert. 


Broadcast Time & Date:

October 21st (Fri) 2016
7:15 pm ~ GACKT / MOON SAGA “Secrets of Yoshitsune”
9:30 pm ~ GACKT / MOON SAGA “Secrets of Yoshitsune  Act 2”
12:00 am ~ GACKT / MOON SAGA Extra Edition “Yoshitsune’s Hot-blooded School Story Act 2”

October 23rd (Sun) 2016
8:00pm ~ GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigo no Tsuki  -LAST MOON- at Saitama Super Arena

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