NEWS WEB 2016.09.18

The 3rd episode of GACKT's NicoNico channel, "OH!! MY!! GACKT!!", is scheduled for broadcast!


The NicoNico channel for GACKT's Blog Magazine is back and all new!
This time GACKT will be answering all your questions from his home abroad for the very first time!!

For those who want to consult with GACKT!!
Please send your questions or inquiries to GACKT via the email address below!!!!!

・Name (or nickname )
・Questions or inquiries 

By the way! 
GACKT will make a guest appearance on Yamada Hisashi's "Yamada Hisashi no Yama-channel" at 7:20pm! Make sure to check it out too!! 
Broadcast URL:


Yamada Hisashi

▼Broadcast Schedule
September 26th(Mon) 8:00pm - 9:00pm LIVE

Broadcast URL:

※This program is only available to GACKT Blog Magazine subscribers.
※The broadcast date might change depending on the internet conditions overseas.
※Broadcast time might be shorter or longer than 60 minutes.