NEWS TV 2016.08.04

Music Video "Kugutsu ga gotoku" Will Be Broadcasted on Music Japan TV's "Velvet Music"! The Encore of "GACKT Special ~「LAST VISUALIVE」40-minute SP Talk~" Is Also Scheduled to Be Broadcasted!!

GACKT's latest MV "Kugutsu ga gotoku"is scheduled to be broadcasted on Music Japan TV's "Velvet Music"! Make sure to check it out!

Music Japan TV「Velvet Music」

[First Broadcast]
08/04 (Thu) 10:00pm

[Repeat Broadcasts]
08/06 (Sat) 07:00am
08/09 (Tue) 03:00am
08/11 (Thu) 05:00pm
08/12 (Fri) 04:00am
08/14 (Sun) 09:00am
08/16 (Tue) 08:00pm
08/18 (Thu) 03:00am
08/20 (Sat) 07:00am
08/22 (Mon) 11:00am
08/25 (Thu) 07:00pm
08/26 (Fri) 08:00am
08/28 (Sun) 04:00am
08/29 (Mon) 12:00am
08/31 (Wed) 03:00pm

※ Scheduled to be aired (8/8〜8/19) on "Shinchaku".

Also, for one more encore broadcast of the summer,『GACKT Special ~「LAST VISUALIVE」40-minute SP Talk~』is scheduled to be broadcasted on 8/20 (Sat) at 12:00am!

For more information on how to watch the program, click below: