NEWS WEB 2016.08.02

GACKT Voices the Character for the Game App "Gyakuten Othellonia"! The Game is Out Today!

GACKT voices the character for the game app "Gyakuten Othellonia". 
The voice is exclusively recorded for the character of this game!

"Gyakuten Othellonia" will be out today at 6 pm and you will have a chance to battle against the character voiced by GACKT, Maten Ruedo, during the event "Saikyou! Maten Ruedo".
Also, you'll have a chance to unlock this character for future use when you clear the game!

■"Saikyou! Maten Ruedo" Event Period
August 1st (Mon) 6:00pm 〜 August 5th (Fri) 11:59pm 
※The details are subject to change without prior notice.

Would you dare to battle against the character voiced by GACKT?

Click below to download the app:
※ It's a free app with in-app purchases.