NEWS OTHER 2016.03.19


All concert venues will be selling CDs and CVDs that come with previous GACKT catalogues.
GACKT's album which will be released on April 27 and the LAST VISUALIVE SET LIST CD can also be pre-ordered or purchased.
The CD sales booths at the concert venues will be giving away venue-limited presents to those who pre-order or purchase the new album [LAST MOON] (released April 27 (Wed)).
Please note that the LAST VISUALIVE SET LIST CD can only be purchased as a set with the NEW ALBUM [LAST MOON].
*Pre-orders are taken from the March 19 (Sat) Misato Cultral Hall performance to the April 25 (Mon) Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall performance. It will be on sale for performances after that.

[Special gift]
Ticket Holder (Tour venue-limited design)

[Precautions and Requests]
*Each CD is entitled to one special gift.
*An additional delivery charge of ¥600 will apply to pre-orders.
*The gift will be shipped together with your order.
*The tour venue-limited designs differ from those of the special gifts offered at Real Shops.
*Real shop gifts are not given away.
*After payment, no changes or cancellations are accepted.
*The stores at venues only accept cash payments.
*As the special gifts are limited in number, please note that they may run out and be no longer available to give away.
Thank you for your understanding of all of the above in advance.

April 27, 2016 (Wed) Release of NEW ABLUM [LAST MOON]
CD + DVD: ¥5,184 (with tax) Product code: GLDC-00015
CD ONLY: ¥4,104 (with tax) Product code: GLCD-00016

April 27 2016 (Wed) Release of [LAST VISUALIVE SET LIST CD]
¥3,000 (With tax) Product code: GLCD-0017
*Only sold as a set with NEW ALBUM [LAST MOON]

[Example of how purchases can be made]
A: [LAST MOON (CD+DVD)] + [LAST VISUALIVE SET LIST CD]………… ¥8,184 (With tax)
B: [LAST MOON (CD ONLY)] + [LAST VISUALIVE SET LIST CD]………… ¥7,104 (With tax)