NEWS OTHER 2015.04.03

Release of Remix Album, Setsujo Taiikusai Memories!


This is to announce the GACKT REMIX ALBUM consisting of some of GACKT's classics which will heat up this summer even more.

This the long-awaited Re-MIX of GACKT's songs by TOP DJs that make Japan proud!

The GACKT STORE limited premium edition is the record size "Big Size Jacket". It comes with a DVD containing music clips.

5,800 yen+ tax(Delivery charges 700 yen)
Released July 1 (Wed)

■ 91st Camui♂ Gakuen de Setsujo Taikusai Memories Album

The valuable shots of the Setokaicho and Senpais which can only be seen at the Setsujo Taiikusai (Snow Festival) have finally been collected in this "Album of Memories" of the snow mountains!!
These are photos of the Setsujo Taiikusai requested by many students.
There may even be shots of you!
We hope students will be able to relieve these memories from the photos even when you go back home!
Are you ready?

2,500 yen+ tax(Delivery charges 700 yen)
Released late June

Place your order at the GACKT STORE!

Deadline for orders:May 13, 2015 18:00