NEWS 2019.09.27

“95th CAMUI♂G School de Tobina Festival” School Store and Student Shock Hall Menu Announcement!!

Good day〜!
This is an announcement from the executive committee〜♥
We would like to announce School Store and Student Shock Hall menu for the upcoming  “95th CAMUI♂G School de Tobina Festival”!

Number one recommend item is... This design ... The face of the Student Body President!  Face!  Face!  "T-shirt & Handkerchief Set completely covered with the Student Body President"! Show your love for him by wearing this!

Another popular item is the name tag style “acrylic badge” that can be pinned to your student uniforms and bags!  16 different designs in total! Try to complete your collection! 

The “Clear File & Acrylic Key Chain Set” designs are limited for each branch of school!! 

This year, Student Shock Hall sells lunch boxes through advance reservation system! Slightly naughty naming is included! 

October 2nd (Wed): 
Tokyo / Toyosu PIT 
School Store Sales Start Time: 1:00pm
Student Shock Hall Exchange Time: 12: 00pm - 3: 00pm

October 3rd (Thu): 
Tokyo / Toyosu PIT 
School Store Sales Department Start Time: 1:00pm
Student Shock Hall Exchange Time: 12: 00pm - 3: 00pm

October 5th (Sat): 
Miyagi / Sendai GIGS 
School Shop Sales Department Start Time: 12:00pm Student Shock Hall Exchange Time: 12: 00pm -  3:00pm

October 8th(Tue): 
Toyosu PIT, Tokyo 
School Shop Sales Department Start Time: 1:00pm
Student Shock Hall Exchange Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

October 9th (Wed): 
Toyosu PIT, Tokyo 
School Shop Sales Department Start Time: 1:00pm 
Student Shock Hall Exchange Time: 12: 00pm - 3: 00pm

October 14th (Monday / Holiday): 
Aichi / Toyota Civic Cultural Hall 
School Shop Sales Department Start Time: 12:00pm 
Student Shock Hall Exchange Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm 

October 18th (Fri): 
Osaka, Zepp Osaka Bayside 
School Shop Sales Department Start Time: 1:00pm Student Shock Hall Exchange Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm 

October 19th (Sat): 
Osaka · Zepp Osaka Bayside 
School Shop Sales Department Start Time: 11:00am
Student Shock Hall Exchange Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm 

* Please be aware that the sales start times are different at each venue. 
* We may temporarily suspend the sales before opening hours.