NEWS WEB 2019.01.22

GACKT tastes KIRIN’s “Nodogoshi STRONG”!

KIRIN’s "Nodoroshi STRONG" is released on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

With the new product release, a special "Nodogoshi STRONG Tasting Movie" featuring GACKT’s world-renowned palate, and the spin-off movie "Incredible Complement to Nodogoshi STRONG!! GACKT's Home Cooking" will be out on the same day.

KIRIN staff visited GACKT's residence in Malaysia to give him a taste of “Nodogoshi STRONG”.
GACKT tasted the latest drink bringing him the "Smoothest taste and strongest flavor of all time”.

For more information check out KIRIN's "Nodogoshi STRONG" special site.

"Nodogoshi STRONG" site