NEWS WEB 2019.01.11

Not just Saitama! Show us the love for your hometown at "Local-1 Grand Prix" held nationwide!


"Local-1 Grand Prix" will be held in celebration of “Tonde Saitama” movie release! 

The theme is "Hometown Love"!
Tell us what is special to you about your hometown in “Not just Saitama” event via your local movie theaters. 
Everyone, please select a movie theater you'd like to support by posting your comment about it on Twitter with a hashtag.
GACKT and Fumi Nikaido will visit the top 10 theaters posted to give you all hometown-lovers a “Tonde!” shout-out. 
Also, we’ll hold a raffle to win movie merchandise for those who posted!

Let's call Nikaido Fumi & GACKT to your local movie theater with your "Hometown Love"!

◎ For more info about applying check out the link below ↓ *Starting January 12th 
◎ Campaign period: January 12 ~ February 3rd 

※ This campaign is limited to Japan ONLY.