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Live Blu-ray & DVD「GACKT’s -45th Birthday Concert- LAST SONGS」


Live Recording of「GACKT’s -45th Birthday Concert- LAST SONGS」from 4 July, 2018, at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST.


This personal selection by GACKT on the occasion of his 20th solo anniversary in 2019 compiles eleven songs, “Saigo ni Utaitai Kyoku” (‘Songs I want to sing at the end’) .

To celebrate this day, he came together with some old friends to sing these songs.


Along with the live video, this special edit also comes with unreleased past footage.

This collection will make you recall the memories of the past 20 years and want to “return to look at the past works assembled on your shelf”.


comes with a Christmas card for every pre-order before 9 December☆

(※already pre-ordered items will be sent out with a Christmas card as well)





3. ASH / Shō Kiryūin(Golden Bomber)

4. LOST ANGELS / Shō Kiryūin(Golden Bomber)

5. YOU ARE THE REASON / Jon Underdown(YAY / ex. Yellow Fried Chickenz)

6. NOT ALONE / Jon Underdown(YAY / ex. Yellow Fried Chickenz)

7. Sakura, Chiru… / YOHIO

8. DEARS / Shinya(DIR EN GREY)


10. Setsugekka -THE END OF SILENCE-

11. P.S. I LOVE U



Blu-ray JPY 9,800 excl. tax

DVD JPY 7,800 excl. tax



By the end of the year for orders made before 9 December, 2018

※for orders placed on 10 December or later, delivery will take place after the New Year.




This item is limited to sales within GACKT STORE.


※Overseas orders are possible.